Beeflance 901 Ele/Resto Shaman

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Beeflance 901 Ele/Resto Shaman

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Forgive me for the long application. I just tweaked an old one I had laying around.

I'm willing to heal or DPS, whatever is needed. I can play all three specs. I’m trying to focus on ele/resto, but I’ve played most of this expansion as enhance. I almost have concordance for ele.

Armory Link ... /beeflance

Enhance Rotation:
Single Target: Boulderfist>Frostbrand>Flametongue>Doom Winds>Feral Spirits>Stormstrike>Crash Lightning>Lava Lash if above 90 Maelstrom
AoE Rotation: Crash Lightning moves ahead of Stormstrike in the rotation.
Refresh Frostbrand/Flametongue while the buff has <4.5s

Resto Rotation:
Here are my logs from healing BRF last expansion. I don't really have any healing logs this expansion since everyone I've been running with have had an overabundance of healers (and enhance is pretty good right now). ... metric=hps

Optimizing my spell rotation for maximum healing whilst also keeping sufficient mana for a fight’s duration. Depending on the boss/raid comp/healing assignment
I may change certain talents/gear pieces around to maximize healing.

Using Riptide on cooldown, and making sure to keep the HoT up on the active tanks.

Using Healing Stream Totem on cooldown.

Placing Healing Rain under damaged players or using it preemptively for incoming raid damage. For most fights, melee DPS are a good default target, but casting it on ranged if players are clumped and mostly stationary.

If AoE healing is needed, using Chain Heal on a centrally-located target (not in China).

Spending Tidal Waves stacks frequently to avoid wasting them; using Healing Surge when a large emergency heal is desirable, or Healing Wave for efficiency/tank healing

Casting Healing Surge to save a priority target quickly

Casting Healing Wave as a mana-efficient filler during times of low damage

Using Spirit Link Totem when heavy damage is incoming, and Healing Tide Totem when heavy damage has occurred, or when it's assigned/called out for.
Using free GCDs to cast Flame Shock and use Lava Surge procs to contribute damage on a priority add or the boss.

During long periods of low healing requirements, casting Lightning Bolt to conserve mana and contribute damage.

Ele Rotation: Wowhead
Still learning it.

Logs ... ingzone=10
My logs for NH have all been from pugs. I quit from Jan. to May to finish out my degree. So you can ignore those.

Exorsus Raid Tools
Tidy Plates
WeakAuras 2

Raid History:
Legion: Astro Glide. 7/7 M Emerald Nightmare
10/10 H NH with pugs

WoD: Vulgar. I quit the game do to RL. ... ing.tier17
WotLK: Hallowed. Got burned out before the ... g.tier9_25

BC: Hyjal/BT/SWP up to M'uru before patch 3.0.
WotLK: Naxx/Eye of Eternity cleared within two days of WOTLK release. "the Immortal" as well.
All Ulduar Hardmodes, before ToC released. Yogg-0 after ToC. Tribute to Insanity 25man.

WoD: 6/7 M HM, 10/10 M BRF. Top 50 US Blackhand.

Previous hardcore raider gone casual after taking a couple years off WoW . Came back to the game because of friends. I work full-time as an engineer, but raid times will work well with my schedule. I’m not looking for top progression guilds as I did before, but I would like to be “somewhat” competitive and Vis Maior seems like a good place to be due to lower raid hours.

Can your PC handle a raid environment? It’s more than capable for raiding
32GB ram
GTX 960
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